PHP meetup with The Creator

I recently started visiting PHP meetups. The reason is quite simple: networking with other developers, looking for new projects (as a freelance developer) and getting some free beer. Today I went to a meetup where the creator of the PHP gave a  presentation. He’s Rasmus Lerdorf. So it was a really interesting meetup. Hearing about the stone age of the web development and what is the PHP’s future. Rasmus mentioned that he doesn’t believe in MVC design pattern because its completely unnecessary,  we should just do coding from scratch, building micro frameworks. Oh yeah, and we shouldn’t use any Frameworks of course. It was a real disappointment. Thousands of developers are working on a Framework, testing it, and millions of  users are using it, creating feedbacks. So a garage built framework without any MVC is better than a Symfony or Zend. It was the conclusion of this evening. I completely disagree with it. I like to use well built frameworks. I think it’s more safer than using ad hoc tools.


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