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Clojure quick start

I visited a London Java Community meetup where Robert Rees’d spoken about Clojure. That was a really great presentation. He mentioned that Clojure is a great choose if you need to deal with huge character streams. So I’ve just decided I have to make a text processor application based on Clojure.

Where can I start? I need some resources. I dug into the Google and found these:

http://clojure.org – official site where everything is beginning

http://tryclj.com/ – playing online with Clojure

http://planet.clojure.in/ – Clojure Community Blog

http://incanter.org/ – statistical computing platform

https://github.com/languages/Clojure – Clojure is the #24 most popular language on GitHub

And the core mailing list on Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/clojure

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